06 Feb

Lent Resources

Here are a couple┬ádevotional resources for you this lenten season. Each of these is available at the church if you’d prefer to pick up a hard copy there. However, if you’d like to just download your own, here you go.

reflections-lent-2016Higher Things Reflections: Lent & Holy Week, 2016. This is a devotional booklet to help you focus on God’s Word during the season of Lent. The link will take you to where you can download a printable PDF or get it in another format if you’d prefer. So, if you have a certain way you’d like to view this great resource (like on a mobile device) you can get the proper format to do so.

Another great resource for you during Lent is provided by the LCMS. Here’s the link: LCMS-Table-Devotions-for-Lent. This devotion is meant to be used around the family table. Printing off a copy for each person at the table will make it handy for everyone to participate.

May God bless you richly this lenten season.


23 Nov

Thanksgiving & Advent Worship Resources

Yesterday, in church, Pastor announced two different worship resources. One of them is a Thanksgiving Litany and Grace (it was printed on a blue sheet of paper and handed out at the end of the service). If you’d like to print off more copies so that you can have enough for every person at your Thanksgiving Day dinner table, if you didn’t get a copy, or if you’d just rather have a PDF version to use on your mobile device it’s our pleasure to provide this great resource here. Simply click the “Unwrapping the Gifts” image below (or the previous link).Unwrapping-Gifts-banner-577x172


The other resource that was distributed yesterday was a devotional booklet for Advent and Christmas (Nov. 29 – Jan. 5) called Higher Things Reflections. It can be downloaded either by clicking the cover image or the following link: Higher Things Reflections: Advent and Christmas devotions booklet

Both of these resources are great tools that will help you stay in God’s Word during the holidays. May God bless you in these times of heightened thankfulness, anticipation, and peace.