14 Jun

Sunday Bible Study: Digging Deeper into Sunday’s Readings

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The Sunday morning adult Bible study class is starting a new Bible study on June 19, 2016. Each week Pastor Bramwell will lead us through one or more of the lectionary readings for that given Sunday, allowing us to dig deeper into the Word of God that’s proclaimed in the Divine Service. What does this mean?

Well, have you ever wanted to start attending Bible study, but were reluctant because the class was halfway through a particular study? Now you can jump right in, knowing each week is a new study. You won’t be left feeling lost because you missed the previous weeks. With that said, though each week is what you might consider a stand alone study, because it follows the church calendar it is connected to the rhythm of worship life, fitting into the season, therefore connecting you to a larger understanding of God’s Word as a whole.

If you have to miss a week, well, we’ll miss you, but you can rest assured that you can jump right back into Bible study next Sunday when you return. Pretty cool, yeah?

Since Bible study is before the Divine Service, by following the lectionary readings you’ll also be equipped to get more out of worship. You’ll hear the Scripture readings with a fresh understanding as to what the text is about and you’ll discover you’ll have ears to receive the rest of the service in a richer way as well.

Blessings in the name of Christ. See you Sunday!