"How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?" Romans 10:14

  1. Paradise and the Thanksgiving Dinner of Our Faith
  2. Tuning into the Big News
  3. The Pure in Heart Shall See God
  4. The Christian Confession
  5. You and James in Christ
  6. The Bothersome Beauty of Prayer
  7. Remember Jesus Christ, Risen From The Dead
  8. Faith and the Hymn of the Day
  9. The Rich Man and Lazarus: A Matter of Faith
  10. The Parables of the Lost and Found
  11. The Scandalous Words of Jesus
  12. Humility and Exaltation
  13. Agonizing in Christ
  14. You're Treasured by God
  15. Setting Our Minds on the Things Above
  16. Be Weak in Christ
  17. The Content of Our Prayers
  18. Robbed by the Law, Loved by Christ
  19. Geeks, Wrong Questions, and Names Written in Heaven
  20. For Freedom Christ Has Set Us Free
  21. Equal as Sons in Christ
  22. How is Sin Forgiven?
  23. Jesus Interrupting Death
  24. The Proclamation of His Marvelous Light
  25. The Confidence in the Apostolic Message
  26. I Know Him

  1. Being Christ's Witnesses
  2. Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled
  3. Why Do You Come To Church?
  4. Sheep and Shepherds
  5. What Are You Going To Do Next?

  1. The Day Of Our Confession
  2. What Would The Consequence Be If The Son Did Not Rise?
  3. An Emphatic Expression of the Crucifixion
  4. Proclaiming the Lord's Death Until He Comes
  5. Jesus and Barabbas: A Picture of the Great Reversal

  1. The Echo Of The Christian Voice
  2. The Cornerstone And The Sinner
  3. The Destitute's Prayer Is Not Despised
  4. We Regard No One According to the Flesh
  5. Confession of Sin and God's Steadfast Mercy
  6. The Digging and Dunging of the Fig Tree
  7. Dealing With The Wounds
  8. Imitators of Paul
  9. Believe and be Saved: Mary Ann Tronrud's Funeral Sermon
  10. Tell The Great Physician Where It Hurts.
  11. Man Doesn't Live by Bread Alone
  12. From Ashes to Baptism

  1. Listening to Jesus
  2. Jesus Rebukes Demons and Fevers
  3. Fighting the Good Fight of Faith with Art and Gatorade
  4. The Wedding at Cana and the Wedding at the Cross
  5. God Reveals His Saving Ways to Very Unlikely People

  1. Why Christmas doesn't Mean Diddly Squat
  2. The Word Became Flesh

  1. Living the Christian Life, Living the Pre-born Life
  2. The Gospel and the Johns
  3. Are You the One?
  4. Pregnacny, Birth, and the Gospel
  5. Kyrie Eleison
  6. God's Word Brings Life in the Midst of Barrennes
  7. Jesus Comes to You Now!

  1. Giving Thanks Like a Leper
  2. On Being Boring
  3. The Satiation of Faith
  4. The Widows and the Bride
  5. The Beatitudes, the Gospel, and Back Injuries
  6. God is Faithful One Hundred Percent
  7. Why Do You Come To Church?
  8. Married with Children Offends Everyone
  9. The Mighty Works that Save Sinners
  10. Does God Love Us, Who's The Greatest, and Would a She-Wolf Eat a Baby?
  11. Bad Music References, Lack of Faith, and Jesus
  12. The Wet Willy That Could've Been